CityZEN Launched at Nordic Edge!

CityZEN Launched at Nordic Edge!

A national research and innovation centre aims at finding new solutions for handling personal data in tomorrow’s smart cities.

“Today we give our data to international giants, and often one has to either accept all terms, or not gain access to the service. We want to revolutionize the way this is done and give control of personal data back to the citizens,” said Professor Chunming Rong at the University of Stavanger.

Rong is the centre director and leader of CityZEN – Centre for Digital Urban Community Living, which was presented at the UiS booth during Nordic Edge Expo 2019. Many partners, supporters and Nordic Edge visitors took part in the launch of the initiative for better smart city technology.

50 partners

University of Stavanger is joined by University of Oslo, BI Business School and the research institutes NORCE and IFE as national research partners. Seven other universities around the world are also included.
In addition, many strong industrial groups and municipalities actively participate in the collaboration. In total, there are currently 50 partners in the consortium.

Together, they will try to develop a technological framework that gives users control over their data. This digital ecosystem will provide the framework for innovative solutions and services that can benefit citizens in the smart cities of the future.

Four areas

Just minutes before CityZEN was presented, the consortium submitted an application to the Research Council to become the Center for Research-Driven Innovation (SFI). The partners have selected four main areas:

  • User-directed public services
  • Health and welfare
  • Urban transport
  • Energy

Read more on the CityZEN research pages here.

Article Photo: Mari Løvås, UiS
Portrait photo of Chunming: Elisabeth Tønnessen
Leiv Gunnar Lie, UiS

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