CityZEN Research into Safe 5G Technology

CityZEN Research into Safe 5G Technology

UiS researcher Gianfranco Nencioni has received a 14.2 million NOK grant from the Research Council’s IKTPLUSS programme to explore safe 5G technology.

In the project, called 5G Management and Orchestration for Data and Network Integration, University of Stavanger teams up with the universities of Bucharest and Pisa, all three being CityZEN research partners.

With the emergence of the 5th generation mobile network comes the need to ensure safe and sound technology.

«5G is going to revolutionize wireless communication, but it depends on us taking security and reliability seriously», says Nencioni.

New framework

5G Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) is a new technological framework for the connection between 5G networks and cloud-based infrastructure. Associate Professor Gianfranco Nencioni wants to improve the security and reliability of this framework, in this project.

«The project has three main objectives: to investigate and define security and reliability in the use of data and network resources in 5G MEC, to develop and analyse intelligent solutions for common use of data and networks, and to develop a 5G MEC test layout in vehicles and verify that the method works in practice», Nencioni explains.

Important project

Tom Ryen, head of the Department of Computer and Electrical Technology at UiS explains further:

«Technology has really accelerated in recent years, and then projects like this are absolutely necessary to safeguard security and create safe and reliable systems».

Ryen says that this grant confirms that the research done at the institute is important and necessary.

«Part of the project also looks at improving the security and reliability of future 5G applications, which will be extremely important in the future».

Text: Mari Løvås
Photo: Ståle Freyer

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