Health and Well-being

Health and well-being is one of the four key research areas in the CityZEN project. To see an overview of  the research goals click here. 

Estimates from Stavanger indicate that around 30% of their annual budget is spent on health and well-being, and the demographic trends of an ageing population suggests a future rise. There are good reasons to believe that these are representative for most Norwegian municipalities, at least the cities.

There is definitely a need for more secure channels and mechanisms for managing and sharing sensitive information without jeopardizing patients’ privacy due to random incidents or unknown vulnerabilities. Usually, healthcare information systems allow for a number of permitted data custodians.

Data controllers need to hold and process only the data necessary for the completion of duties (data minimisation), limiting the access to health data to those needing to act out the processing. Also, in eHealth, there are limited solutions that provide such “plug and play” interoperability without even minimal adaptation. The only solution known to provide both interoperability and use distributed ledger technologies for GDPR-compliant health data exchange is the IOTA-platform, which will be a starting point for the integration in CityZEN with the data acquisition, analytic components, and large scale optimization.