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Citizen focused Public Services

Citizen focused public services is one of the four key research areas in the CityZEN project. To see an overview of  the research goals click here. 

Public services are undergoing radical change as the real time city is taking shape. When data can be used to capture and analyse urban life in real time, revealing hidden dynamics, and allowing unprecedented anticipatory governance for efficiency, security, and sustainability, public services depend upon extensive data sharing.

Moreover, co-creation of services together with citizens, supported by digital smart city technologies, can radically enhance the process of creating public value. Climate change, ageing populations, rising costs create strong incentives for such innovation. Urbanisation puts high demands on public services, not just in terms of the intensity and scope of service needs, but also with regard to expectations of efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness.

CityZEN’s support for smart public services has great potential to enable citizens to get beyond disinterest/indifference, misunderstanding, anxiety and ethical, legal and social issues to achieve high levels of engagement on the ladder of participation, capitalising on Norwegian traditions of democratic decision making and becoming a beacon for deep citizen engagement.