Research and Innovation

In close collaboration with industry partners, an international research team will develop a socio-technical infrastructure needed for citizen-focused and sustainable urban innovation ecosystems.

Central to this infrastructure is an ethical, secure and privacy enhancing data sharing solution.

The ambition is that citizens, industry partners, and public sector players – and through them, society at large – shall be provided with technology and innovations which surpass what is currently available at the international level.

The centre’s approach and methods are designed to:

  • Support innovation projects in the areas of citizen-focused public services, health and well-being, transport, and energy – and generally projects involving data sharing
  • Provide better solutions through close collaboration with industry throughout the whole innovation and development cycle
  • Mitigate and minimize risk for future sustainable smart city investments by demonstrating, testing and evaluating theoretical approaches and tools

Read more about the four main research themes:

CityZEN partners will participate in innovation projects in these areas, using a research-based toolbox in a three-phased approach:

First conduct realistic experiments proving the innovative concepts, then stage innovation pilots involving real users, and if the pilots are successful, conduct a large scale innovation pilot capable of demonstrating new products and services to customers outside of the CityZEN consortium.

A CityZEN innovation project is therefore a targeted activity that should deliver an exploitable result that could be a new product or application, but also new ways of working in the public sector and better public services for the citizens.